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What to consider when hiring a translator for your business

Being a global business means you may occasionally have to create content in various languages. This could be anything from emails, blog posts, press releases, presentations or even subtitles for a video or film. So how do you choose the right translator for your needs? Here are three key things to consider before handing over your content.

Not all translations are the same

There is a big difference between hiring someone who will focus solely on translating your text word for word and someone who will translate and edit the copy to ensure it flows nicely, is engaging and doesn’t read like a literal translation. If it’s the latter you are after, consider hiring someone with a communications background, like an editor or journalist – they will also be able to advise you on best practices and make valuable suggestions. No matter which option you choose, always check your translator's credentials.

Cost and outcome

Hiring someone who translates and edits your copy for you is often more expensive than someone who will just translate word for word. This makes sense, right? Editing and redrafting take longer and require additional qualifications and skills.

When deciding what you need, consider this: Are you looking for a quick translation of a semi-important email? Then you may be able to get away with just a basic translation. Are you looking to translate an important press release or subtitles for a video? Then you’ll want to work with someone who’ll translate in a way that sounds natural. To ensure you get exactly what you need and are sticking to your budget, discuss your objectives upfront.

Reliability and timings

This one may seem obvious, but more often than not, it’s forgotten. Communicate your timeline clearly and get an idea of your translator’s workload and availability. If someone seems too busy to meet deadlines, chances are it won’t get any better in the long run. When growing a business, you’ll need a team of people who are easy to reach and keen to support you along the way – even with the occasional last-minute request.

Want to learn more about how to create engaging content? Check out our post on the best content tools here. Or, for more information on translations (English/German) drop us an email here.



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