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5 traits to look for in a copywriter

Writing copy that engages your audience, tells a story, and stays consistent with your brand voice is not always an easy feat. That’s why choosing the right copywriter is an essential part of designing successful campaigns – from email marketing to web content to PR.

While it seems simple to go out and find a copywriter who fulfils skills like writing experience, English language mastery and more, there are a couple of things to look for that can set apart a great copywriter from a good one.

1. Industry Knowledge

With so many different sectors with diverse technical lingo, it is a good idea to find a copywriter with some experience writing in your industry. Although it is not a must, it can make the workflow much easier and their experience will speak for itself through the content.

2. Curiosity

One thing to notice first about your potential new hire is whether they ask a lot of questions. Being curious and eager to listen are traits that can really set a copywriter apart. Instead of just hearing the client’s request and delivering, they are open to trying out new ideas and digging deep to find out the best way to share your brand’s story. Curious people also often think outside the box and go beyond the current trends. Having this perspective can transform your brand and provide fresh content for you to try out.

3. Adaptable Voice

Every brand has a unique voice and personality that shows their audience exactly who they are. It’s important that all texts and external messaging reflect that. Investing in a copywriter with a voice that is consistent but adaptable to your various audiences and product strategies is essential to maintaining a well recognised brand. Whether you need more technical blog posts or informal, fun social media captions, a copywriter’s voice must be able to convincingly convey these tones.

4. Avid Reader

Being an avid reader not only exposes you to different writing styles and expands your vocabulary, it also serves as a way to stay up to date on the latest trends. A good copywriter takes in new information as often as possible to stay ahead of what’s new and keep the content fresh.

5. Takes Criticism Well

Writing can be a very personal and subjective medium. A professional copywriter is not stubborn and is able to separate themselves from their work and take criticism well. Having an understanding that not all writing will be received the same way is important to being able to create the best work possible. Through multiple iterations and feedback sessions, great copywriters will stay focused on the project and not get bogged down by personal feelings.

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